Sentence Examples

  • Lord Palmerston offered him a baronetcy and a seat in the privy council, and the emperor of the French would gladly have conferred upon him some distinguished mark of his favour.
  • "One would gladly have seen a single king in Denmark if only for peace sake," says the contemporary Lubeck chronicle, "for peace was not to be had either at sea or on land."
  • 13, 1660), Poland gladly seized the opportunity of adjusting all her outstanding differences with Sweden.
  • I having most willingly and gladly done the same, finde it to bee most exact and precisely conformable to my minde and the originall.
  • Inl,1616 Briggs again visited Napier and showed him the work he had accomplished, and, he says, he would gladly have paid him a third visit in 1617 had Napier's life been spared.

What's another word for gladly?

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