Sentence Examples

  • He was indubitably the most extraordinary of all the Catherinian favourites.
  • The latter were indubitably the Ugrian nomads of the steppe, akin to the Tatar invaders of Europe, who filled the armies and convoyed the caravans of the ruling caste.
  • Iv.) Henderson, on the other side, believes that Wood "indubitably" showed to Lennox the Scots copies of the Casket Letters about the 11th of June 1568.
  • Carlyle refers to the opinion of genealogists that Cromwell "was indubitably either the ninth or the tenth or some other fractional part of half a cousin of Charles Stuart," but this has been completely exploded by Walter Rye in the Genealogist (" The Steward Genealogy and Cromwell's Royal Descent," new series, vol.
  • 12-13 is indubitably a Pauline fragment, and the problem for the critic is to determine whether in the epistle as a whole we have a redacted and interpolated edition of what was originally a note from the hand of Paul, or whether the epistle drew upon some Pauline tradition '(connecting Titus with Crete) and material, and was afterwards interpolated at i.

What's another word for indubitably?

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