Sentence Examples

  • As there is no dormer on the roof, the ceilings slant downward on each side.
  • The windows are mere slits; those of the tambours, or cylinders, on which the cupolas rest, are curved, and slant at an angle of 70°, as though the tambours were leaning to one side.
  • The quadrates slant obliquely forward and are attached directly to the proOtics, owing to the absence of squamosals.
  • The curved surface of a right circular cone becomes a sector of a circle, and its area = 2 slant height X perimeter of base.
  • The cuesta would be straight from east and west if the slant of the strata were uniformly to the south; but the strata are somewhat warped, and hence the course of the cuesta is strongly convex to the north in the middle, gently convex to the south at either end.

What's another word for slant?

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