Sentence Examples

  • The bard will exaggerate or distort his story.
  • He protests against its use for controversial pamphlets which distort the truth.
  • Boiler plates undergo in sharing and assembling an intermediate degree of distort' and therefore they must be given an intermediate carbon-content, following the general rule that the carbon-content and hence the strength should be as great as is consistent with retaining the degree of ductility and the shock-resisting power which the object will need in actual use.
  • Without a personal knowledge of affairs a writer will inevitably distort the true relations and importance of events (xii.
  • This prejudice, establishing itself in familiar speech, has descended from antiquity to modern times, colouring, when it does not distort, the narratives of biographers and the criticisms of commentators.

What's another word for distort?

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