Sentence Examples

  • Although commonly described as white, the hair has a more or less decided tinge of yellow, which appears to be more marked in the summer than in the winter coat.
  • Cadmium is a white metal, possessing a bluish tinge, and is capable of taking a high polish; on breaking, it shows a distinct fibrous fracture.
  • Indian influence is predominant as far as Cambodia (though with a Chinese tinge), Indian alphabets being employed and the Buddhism being of the Sinhalese type, but in Annam and Tongking the Chinese script and many Chinese institutions are in use.
  • His attitude is one not of bitterness but of calm hopelessness, with an occasional tinge of disgust or contempt.
  • Such a conception has a Greek tinge, and would be found in Jewish circles, probably, not before the 2nd century B.C.

What's another word for tinge?

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