Sentence Examples

  • He removed it, coloring again.
  • She seems so taken with her, dressing like her and coloring her hair and all.
  • The chloroplasts are generally distinguished by their green color, which is due to the presence of chlorophyll; but in many Algae this is masked by another coloring matterPh ycoerytlsrin in the Florideae, Phycophaein in the Phaeophyceae, and Phycocyanin in the Cyanophyceae.
  • These substances can, however, be dissolved out in water, and the green coloring matter of the chloroplast then becomes visible.
  • The coloring matters are not dissolved in the stroma of the chrornoplast, but exist as amorphous granules, with or without the presence of a protein crystal, or in the form of fine crystalline needles, frequently curved and sometimes present in large numbers, which are grouped together in various ways in bundles and give the plastids their fusiform or triangular crystalline shape.

What's another word for coloring?

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