Sentence Examples

  • In this guise he passed into European worship in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D.
  • Almost immediately afterwards an agitation of a still less defensible character broke out in various towns under the guise of anti-clericalism.
  • This plan was but part of a scheme including the invasion of England by her kinsman the duke of Guise, who was to land in the north and raise a Scottish army to place the released prisoner of Sheffield beside her son on the throne of Elizabeth.
  • A world where political action was represented in such guise was ripe for overthrow, or could only be saved by a great mental reformation."
  • Not only is the whole atmosphere Christian in colouring, but we actually find the Greek gods in the guise of Enoch, Elijah, &c., while Philip is a Christian martyr, and Alexander himself a great apostle, even a saint; quotations from the Bible are frequent.

What's another word for guise?

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