Sentence Examples

  • Flowing through the district of Thierache, it divides below Guise into several arms and proceeds to the confluence of the Serre, near La Fere (Aisne).
  • From Sheffield Lodge, twelve years later, she applied to the archbishop of Glasgow and the cardinal of Guise for some pretty little dogs, to be sent her in baskets very warmly packed, - "for besides reading and working, I take pleasure only in all the little animals that I can get."
  • On the 17th of November Elizabeth became queen of England, and the princes of Lorraine - Francis the great duke of Guise, and his brother the cardinal - induced their niece and her husband to assume, in addition to the arms of France and Scotland, the arms of a country over which they asserted the right of Mary Stuart to reign as legitimate heiress of Mary Tudor.
  • She wrote to Elizabeth and the duke of Guise two letters of almost matchless eloquence and pathos, admirable especially for their loyal and grateful remembrance of all her faithful servants.
  • During his short reign the young king, a sickly youth and of feeble understanding, was the mere tool of his uncles Francis, duke of Guise, and Charles, cardinal of Lorraine, into whose hands he virtually delivered the reins of government.

What's another word for guise?

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