Sentence Examples

  • She was not pretty, but it was obvious, even to Dean's untrained eye, that her attire, hair do, makeup and whole mien did not evolve from the poor side of the tracks.
  • As he is thus lamenting, a woman appears to him of dignified mien, whom he recognizes as his guardian, Philosophy.
  • The fact that at Lystra the natives styled Barnabas, Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, while suggesting that Barnabas was the man of nobler mien, proves that Paul was the chief speaker (xiv.
  • No man was more negligent in his dress and habit and mien, no man more wary and cultivated in his behaviour and discourse.
  • In Assyrian the name was Mu~ri, Mien: in Arabic it is Milr, y~.a, pronounced Ma~r in the vulg~mr dialect of Egypt.

What's another word for mien?

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