Sentence Examples

  • Of Granada, with which it is connected by a good carriage road.
  • (2) The capital of the vilayet, the ancient Castamon, altitude 2 500 ft., situated in the narrow valley of the Geuk Irmak (A mnias), and connected by a carriage road, 54 m., with its port Ineboli on the Black Sea.
  • It is an important station on the Great Northern railway, whose principal locomotive and carriage works are here, and it is also served by the North Eastern, Great Eastern, Great Central, Lancashire & Yorkshire, and Midland railways.
  • The most important manufactures are iron and steel, carriage hardware, electrical supplies, bridges, boilers, engines, car wheels, sewing machines, printing presses, agricultural implements, and various other commodities made wholly or chiefly from iron and steel.
  • The specimens should be collected when the capsules are just appearing above or in the colesule or calyx; if kept in a damp saucer they soon arrive at maturity, and can then be mounted in better condition, the fruit-stalks being too fragile to bear carriage in a botanical tin case without injury.

What's another word for carriage?

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