Sentence Examples

  • If we imagine a rigid body to be acted on at given points by forces of given magnitudes in directions (not all parallel) which are fixed in space, then as the body is turned about the resultant wrench will assume different configurations in the body, and will in certain positions reduce to a single force.
  • Wrench and the twist be inclined at an angle 0, and let h be the shortest distance between them.
  • Again, that wrenches of arbitrary amounts about two given screws compound into a wrench the locus of whose axis is a cylindroid.
  • P is a rotor and coo- a vector), is called a motor, and has the geometrical significance of Ball's wrench upon, or twist about, a screw.
  • The mathematical properties of a twist or of a wrench have been the subject of many remarkable investigations, which are, however, of secondary importance from a physical point of view.

What's another word for wrench?

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