Sentence Examples

  • Everyone has fast twitch muscle fibers, and everyone relies on these fibers during anaerobic exercise, but athletes who excel in anaerobic sports typically have a higher percentage of fast twitch fibers than slow twitch fibers.
  • In the 80s and 90s, some genres such as Role Playing Games (RPGs) were far more popular on computers than on consoles and many players associated twitch shooters and action platform games with the platforms that hooked to TVs.
  • It's not quite a "twitch" style game wherein you can just run into the middle of the field with guns a-blazing, but it's nowhere near as technical as something like Rainbow Six or Splinter Cell.
  • The terms hypnic jerk or involuntary myoclonic twitch is used to refer to the muscle twitch that sometimes happens in a muscle or group of muscles before falling asleep.
  • Since we only perform this action when getting out of bed or bending over to pick something off the floor, the outer unit or superficial abdominal muscles are fast twitch muscles, which are designed for short-duration activity.