Sentence Examples

  • There is consequently spasm of accommodation, so that clear vision of distant objects becomes impossible.
  • Expectorants increase the bronchial secretions; antispasmodics relax the spasm of the muscular coat of the bronchial tubes, e.g.
  • This treatment is frequently very successful indeed in relaxing the bronchial spasm upon which the most obvious features of an attack depend.
  • The cardiac contractions become irregular, the ventricle assumes curious shapes - "hour-glass," &c. - becomes very pale and bloodless, and finally the heart stops in a state of spasm, which shortly afterwards becomes rigor-mortis.
  • In cases of angina, while the resistance opposed to the action of the heart by spasm in the vessels may be great, the heart itself may be feeble, and it may therefore be necessary to give some remedy which will increase the power of the heart.