Sentence Examples

  • In the spasmodic form the symptoms were of a nervous character.
  • The extreme democratic and socialistic party made with French aid some spasmodic efforts to stir up a revolutionary movement, but they met with no popular sympathy; the throne of Leopold stood firmly based upon the trust and respect of the Belgian nation for the wisdom and moderation of their king.
  • The right-hand column, which had cut in behind the Italian 43rd Div., was making the task of the Austrian 50th comparatively easy, and brushing aside the spasmodic opposition of such small detachments as came in its way.
  • With his combination of vicious selfindulgence and spasmodic cruelty was no unfit representative of his age.
  • His accession occurred in 1256, and henceforward Persia becomes after 600 years of spasmodic government a national unit.