Sentence Examples

  • Someone beat on the door across the hall loud enough for Bianca to hear over the TV and sporadic thunder.
  • On the other hand, German sporadic attacks by sea and air on British watering places and the increasing activity of German submarines gave Mr. Churchill and the Admiralty much concern.
  • His nobles, whom he tried to cow by sporadic acts of violence, rebelled against him.
  • The island suffered from the reactionary policy of Ferdinand VII., but the few sporadic attempts at revolution between 1815 and 1820 were readily suppressed.
  • Sporadic insurrections had already broken out among the Bosnian Christians, and on the 1st of July 1875 the villagers of Nevesinje, which gives its name to a mountain neolithische Station von Butmir (Vienna 1895-1898); P. Ballif, Romische Strassen in Bosnien and Herzegovina (Vienna, 1893, &c.).

What's another word for sporadic?

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