Sentence Examples

  • After a year or two of desultory literary work he was (May 1839) appointed to the newlyinstituted chair of Humanity (Latin) in the Marischal College.
  • Before October, 1893, I had studied various subjects by myself in a more or less desultory manner.
  • In the course of the next six months there was much desultory skirmishing between the tribes and the British troops, who defeated various attempts to dislodge them from the positions that had been taken up; but the sphere of British military operations was not materially extended.
  • There was grace, nevertheless, in his manners; and his frank and earnest address, his quick sympathy (yet he seemed cold to strangers), his vivacious, desultory, informing talk, gave him an engaging charm.
  • Halfway through this century (249 B.C.) the desultory warfare between Egypt and the Seleucid power came to a temporary end (Dan.

What's another word for desultory?

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