Sentence Examples

  • In the Moscow basin, which was a broad gulf of the Carboniferous sea, coal appears as isolated inconstant seams amidst littoral deposits, the formation of which was favoured by frequent minor subsidences of the seacoast.
  • The series in the type area consists of the Hirnant limestone, a thin inconstant bed, which is separated by 1400 ft.
  • In these the furcal branches are linear or rudimentary, the shell is without rostral sinus, and, besides distinguishing characters of the second 2ntennae, they have always a branchial plate well developed on the first maxillae, which is inconstant in the other tribe.
  • Even when seen in minute features only he recognized them as constant progressive characters or " chronologic varieties " in 3b --i C D E F G H I -14-21 -I-31 1 - I - 41 contrast with contemporaneous or " geographic varieties," which he considered inconstant and of slight systematic value.
  • The pharmacopoeial preparations of this acid are a 2% solution, which is given in doses of from two to six minims, the tinctura chloroformi et morphinae cornposita, which contains a half-minim of this solution in each ten minims, and the aqua laurocerasi, which owes its virtues to the presence of this acid, and is of inconstant strength, besides being superfluous.

What's another word for inconstant?

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