Sentence Examples

  • It was untrue to be sure, but still it was terrible, and she could not help thinking of it.
  • 14, R.V.), the modern Persian phrase namak harm, " untrue to salt," i.e.
  • It wasn't completely untrue; Mr. Tim was in Colorado.
  • The influence of Epicureanism was wholly destructive to religion, but not perhaps very widespread: Stoicism became the creed of the educated classes and produced several attempts, notably those of Scaevola and Varro, at a reconciliation of philosophy and popular religion, in which it was maintained that the latter was in itself untrue, but a presentation of a higher truth suited to the capacity of the popular mind.
  • In reading the service he altered or omitted phrases which seemed to him untrue, and in reading the Scriptures pointed out errors in the translation.

What's another word for untrue?

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