Sentence Examples

  • If this is inaccurate or incomplete, the Government cannot blame the newspapers.
  • His book is, however, inaccurate and grossly partial.
  • The address of the clergy, inspired by the great prelates, sought to make inaccurate lamentations over the progress of impiety a means of safeguarding their enormous spiritual and temporal powers, their privileges and exemptions, and their vast wealth.
  • Michelet's wonderful depiction in his Histoire de France (livres 13 to 17) has never teen surpassed for graphic word-painting, but it is inaccurate in details, and superseded in scholarship. Of the original sources for the reign the Lettres de Louis XI.
  • The use, therefore, of the inaccurate and misleading terms northern and southern ought no longer to be followed in scholarly works on Buddhism.

What's another word for inaccurate?

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