Sentence Examples

  • The discrepancy is attributed to a defect of rigidity in the earth.
  • So long as there is no sensible discrepancy of phase there can be no sensible diminution of brightness as compared with that to be found at the focal point itself.
  • Consumption.-It is only natural that the consumption of wine should be greatest in the countries where it is produced on the largest scale, but the discrepancy between the consumption of different countries is little short of astonishing.
  • The discrepancy seems to depend upon Young having treated the attractive force as operative in one direction only.
  • The discrepancy between the fees paid by patients and the salaries received by nurses, especially in London, has occasionally excited unfavourable comment, but it is to be remembered that the nurses are maintained when out of work or ill, and have other advantages; many institutions either provide pensions or assist the members of their staff to join the Royal National Pension Fund.

What's another word for discrepancy?

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