Sentence Examples

  • Ordering the right size will ensure that you'll be able to pull off that outfit you've had in mind for months-with an unbelievably sexy hourglass silhouette all the other gals at the party envy and men secretly (or not so discretely) ogle.
  • Since Christians were persecuted during the height of the Roman Empire before the Roman conversion to Christianity, they discretely used the fish symbol as a way to identify themselves to each other.
  • You can purchase one piece hair extensions that discretely clip to an under layer of your hair, or you may purchase kits with several extensions to add volume and length where you need it.
  • The light can be hung directly from the ceiling, or it can come from a discretely placed outlet near the floor, stretch to the ceiling and across to the area being lit.
  • As stress can often be caused through workplace situations, a stress reducing device that can be carried discretely can be very beneficial.