Sentence Examples

  • By the operation of the Judicature Act one supreme court with several divisions was constituted; each division could administer the whole law; the conflict of divergent systems of law was largely overcome by declaring that when they were at variance, the principles of equity should prevail over the doctrines of the common law.
  • The variance in the strength of existing bridges is such as to be apparent to the educated eye without any calculation.
  • His memoir (1775) on the rotatory motion of a body contains (as the author was aware) conclusions at variance with those arrived at by Jean le Rond, d'Alembert and Leonhard Euler in their researches on the same subject.
  • Defoe was uniformly grateful to the minister, and his language respecting him is in curious variance with that generally used.
  • 23), which is quite at variance with the general Homeric idea of the heroes, who are no more than men, even if of divine origin and of superior strength and prowess.

What's another word for variance?

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