Sentence Examples

  • However, total head-in-the-sand inaction wasn't possible.
  • After seven years of inaction, however, this imperial rescript was pitched in a far lower key.
  • Gouldsbury on a mission to Eastern Akim, Juabin and Kumasi, to repair the effects of the previous inaction of the colonial government, but without success.
  • Besides these, however, we must consider the protection of the whole body from injury caused by (a) inaction, or (b) overaction, or (c) weakness of any one of its parts.
  • The Meerut troops, at last roused from their inaction, joined Barnard on the 7th of June, after a successful affair with the mutineers, and the next day the action of Badli-ki-Serai enabled the British force to occupy the famous Ridge, which they never abandoned till the final assault.

What's another word for inaction?

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