Sentence Examples

  • The low stage of culture of the Australians when they reached their new home is thus accounted for, but their stagnation is remarkable, because they must have been frequently in contact with more civilized peoples.
  • Their antiquity and their stagnation are attested by the remains found in their kitchen-middens.
  • Thus, in spite of his academic sympathy with liberal ideas, he became, together with Metternich, a champion of political stagnation, and co-operated willingly in the reactionary measures against the revolutionary movements in Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • The first decade of Alexander's reign is commonly known in Russia as " the epoch of the great reforms," and may be described as a violent reaction against the political and Alex- intellectual stagnation of the preceding period.
  • Throughout Europe the 18th century was less an era of stagnation than of transition.

What's another word for stagnation?

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