Sentence Examples

  • A sore throat and a raised, sandpaper-like rash over much of the body are accompanied by fever and sluggishness (lethargy).
  • Symptoms included such things as mental sluggishness, loss of concentration, poor memory, irritability, lack of confidence, excessive worry, hypochondria, depression, obsession, suicidal tendencies, and senility.
  • Sluggishness may also be noted if a child's veins and arteries are consistently filled with higher than normal amounts of fatty substances that are not being metabolized by the body.
  • Symptoms of this rare, but potentially deadly, complication include enlarged tongue, swollen facial features, hoarseness, and physical and mental sluggishness.
  • Myxedema-Severe hypothyroidism, characterized by swelling of the face, hands, and feet, an enlarged tongue, horseness, and physical and mental sluggishness.

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