Sentence Examples

  • During the colder months these reptiles remain in a torpid state.
  • Equally extensive, but less important in the political sphere, were the Papal States and Veneti, the former torpid under the obscurantist rule of pope and cardinals, the latter enervated by luxury and the policy of unmanly complaisance long pursued by doge and council.
  • Helix hibernates in a torpid condition for about four months, and during this period the aperture of the shell is closed by a calcareous membrane secreted by the foot.
  • In character he was not malignant, but he was intellectually torpid, and of a credulity which almost passes belief.
  • On retiring for the winter the hamster closes the various entrances to its burrow, and becomes torpid during the coldest period.

What's another word for torpid?

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