Sentence Examples

  • Logical inference from sense is a process from sensible to insensible existence.
  • In expounding the principles of the differential calculus, he started, as it were, from the level of his pupils, and ascended with them by almost insensible gradations from elementary to abstruse conceptions.
  • Long, a stratum of air heated 1 ° C. lying along the top of the tube, and occupying a moderate fraction of the whole volume, would produce a not insensible effect.
  • Yet he could not have been insensible to the immense superiority in rhythmical smoothness which the hexameter of Lucretius has over that of Ennius and Lucilius.
  • Liebknecht was shot on his way to the Moabit prison, while Rosa Luxemburg was brutally attacked on leaving the hotel and was finally shot dead as she was being conveyed, insensible from her injuries, in a motor-car under a military escort.