Sentence Examples

  • "AvaLp.a, bloodless animals (= Invertebrata).
  • By heading off reactionary Austria Napoleon hoped to conciliate the French Liberals; by helping the pope, to satisfy the Catholics; by concessions to be wrung both from Pius and from the Roman triumvirs, to achieve a bloodless victory.
  • But even at this crisis Savonarola's influence was all-powerful, and a bloodless revolution was effected.
  • He was said to have divided the inhabitants into twelve communities, to have instituted the laws of marriage and property, and a new form of worship. The introduction of bloodless sacrifice, the burial of the dead, and the invention of writing were also attributed to him.
  • Before the Civil War there were no very general troubles between Indians and whites, despite constant frontier difficulties, except the bloodless " Pawnee War " of 1859-60; but in 186364 the Indians rose rather generally along the frontier, and many settlers were killed.

What's another word for bloodless?

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