Sentence Examples

  • Rissa met his gaze with a wan smile.
  • Civil Wan He lost the island, which gave itself to Aragon; and of Gue!phs thus the kingdom of Sicily was severed from that of anj Naples, the dynasty in the one being Spanish and Ghibelline, in the other French and Guelph.
  • Kasimirekis Specimen du di wan de Menoulchehri (Versailles, 1876).
  • Lu had a great name among the other states of Chow, its marquises being descended from the duke of Chow, the legislator and consolidator of the dynasty which had been founded by his father and brother, the famous kings Wan and Wu.
  • K`iung-chow-hien, in which the capital is situated; Ting-an-hien, the only inland district; Wen-ch`ang-hien, in the north-east of the island; Hui-t`unghien, Lo-hui-hien, Ling-shu-hien, Wan-chow, Yai-chow (the southmost of all), Kan-en-hien Chang-hwa-hien, Tan-chow, Lin-kao-hien and Ch'eng-mai-hien.

What's another word for wan?

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