Sentence Examples

  • Small waxen images of the Manes called Lares, clothed in dogskin, and on feast days crowned with garlands, stood round the family hearth of which they were the unseen guardians (but see Lares).
  • A swarm of bees hived in a straw skep, the picturesque little domicile known the world over as the personification of industry, will furnish their home with waxen combs in form and shape so admirably adapted to their requirements as to need no improvement by man.
  • In 1843 a German bee-keeper, Krechner by name, conceived the idea of first dipping fine linen into molten wax, then pressing the sheets so made between rollers, and thus forming a waxen midrib on which the bees would build their combs.
  • Perverse discourses and oppressive deeds were waxen rife.
  • The employment of chalk as an ingredient in many seals Waxen im= of the 12th century has caused them to become ex- pressions.

What's another word for waxen?

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