Sentence Examples

  • Under the influence of exposure to intense cold a small mammal has been observed to turn white in a single night, just as the human hair has been known to blanch suddenly under the influence of intense emotion, and in both cases extreme activity of the phagocytes is apparently the inducing cause.
  • Sow a few peas and beans, in case of accident to those sown in November, drawing up the soil towards the stems of those which are above ground as a protection; earth up celery; blanch endive with flower-pots; sow radishes in a very sheltered place.
  • Tell Brennan he has carte blanch to give us everything within reason we might need.
  • Stake up peas; blanch sea-kale and rhubarb in the open air by covering with straw or leaves.
  • Of the remaining species, which are the majority, may be mentioned P. edwardsii (Blanch), P. jamaicensis (Gr.