Sentence Examples

  • She loved human emotion, but she hated the doubt and insecurity she felt.
  • Tabriz was for a long period the emporium for the trade of Persia on the west, but since the opening of the railway through the Caucasus and greater facilities for transport on the Caspian, much of its trade with Russia has been diverted to Astara and Resht, while the insecurity on the Tabriz-Trebizond route since 1878 has diverted much commerce to the Bagdad road.
  • Although the degree of insecurity prevailing in the provinces was greatly exaggeratedserious crime in 1907 being less than in the preceding yearan increasing number of crimes were left untraced to their authors.
  • The French Revolution and the insecurity of the political situation, however, exercised a depressing and retarding effect.
  • While the two maintained mutual respect, Jake Weller appeared unsettled in Dean's presence, a combination of insecurity over Dean's more extensive experience and memories of past encounters that had pushed the lawman into compromising situations.

What's another word for insecurity?

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