Sentence Examples

  • She loved human emotion, but she hated the doubt and insecurity she felt.
  • While the two maintained mutual respect, Jake Weller appeared unsettled in Dean's presence, a combination of insecurity over Dean's more extensive experience and memories of past encounters that had pushed the lawman into compromising situations.
  • Since 1890 the Turkomans who impeded trade by their perpetual raids have been kept more in check, and with the decrease of insecurity the commercial activity of Astarabad has increased considerably.
  • The indignation of the Christians increased, a state of insecurity prevailed, and the Moslem peasants refused to return to their homes.
  • The land is poor in minerals, including coal; water-power also is deficient, so that the introduction of European industries is attended with difficulties even apart from the insecurity of affairs, which forbids such experiments as the improvement of agriculture by means of European capital.

What's another word for insecurity?

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