Sentence Examples

  • But he could never pledge himself frankly in one sense or the other, and this vacillation prevented him from attaining any decisive results.
  • After months of delay due to the vacillation of the British government a relief expedition was sent up the Nile under the command of Lord Wolseley.
  • And Ulrich, duke of Wurttemberg, but his general attitude was one of vacillation between the emperor and his own impetuous colleague in the league of Schmalkalden, Philip, landgrave of Hesse.
  • His utter want of care and consistency appears most clearly in his vacillation as to the relations between ecclesiastical and political history.
  • As has been demonstrated the action taken was one of vacillation between these two courses, and was complicated by a native policy which, though well intentioned and intelligible, needlessly irritated the white colonists (British and Dutch) and did not prevent bloodshed.

What's another word for vacillation?

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