Sentence Examples

  • I see weakness and vulnerability as I do everyone.
  • Her teal gaze was filled with sorrow rather than hope, but her vulnerability hooked him nonetheless.
  • Her vulnerability shimmered around her in a way that left him unable to leave her alone, until he was certain the worst was over.
  • Numerous wild hypotheses as to changes in the constitution of the host-plant, leading to supposed vulnerability previously non-existent, would probably never have seen the light had the full significance of the truth been grasped that an epidemic results when the external laciors favor a parasite somewhat more than they do the host.
  • The Roechling-Rodenhauser furnace is unfitted, by the vulnerability of its interior walls, for receiving charges of cold metal to be melted down, but it is used to good advantage for purifying molten basic Bessemer steel sufficiently to fit it for use in the form of railway rails.

What's another word for vulnerability?

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