Sentence Examples

  • She wants to do business as a limited liability company, so she creates an LLC online for $200.
  • In 1880 the state assumed liability for the full amount plus interest, and this balance, $544,061.23, now constitutes an endowment fund, upon' which the state pays 6% interest.
  • Arbitrators strictly so called may (as in the " Alabama " case) proceed to award damages after they have decided the question of liability; whilst " mixed commissions," before awarding damages, usually have to decide whether the pecuniary claims made are or are not well founded.
  • Castle-guard was the liability incumbent on the holders of some estates to serve in the garrison of the royal castles.
  • On the 17th of April 1898 a species of Employers Liability Act compelled employers of more than five workmen in certain industries to insure their employees against accidents.

What's another word for liability?

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