Sentence Examples

  • The influence of traction in diminishing the susceptibility of nickel was first noticed by Kelvin (W.
  • The requirements of barley within the soil, and its susceptibility to the external influences of season, are very similar to those of its near ally, wheat.
  • Villari in 1868 that the magnetic susceptibility of an iron wire was increased by stretching when the magnetization was below a certain value, but diminished when that value was exceeded; this phenomenon has been termed by Lord Kelvin, who discovered it independently, the " Villari reversal," the value of the magnetization for which stretching by a given load produces no effect being known as the " Villari critical point " for that load.
  • Further acquaintance makes us feel a unity of character underlying this susceptibility to the impressions of the moment.
  • 16 Some atoning virtue seems also attributed to the Resurrection;' ` ' Christ's sayings connect admission to the kingdom of God with susceptibility to the influence of His personality, faith in Himself and His mission, and the loyalty that springs from faith.

What's another word for susceptibility?

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