Sentence Examples

  • Its over-supply is, however, a frequent cause of predisposition to the attacks of parasitic Fungie.g.
  • The most prominent characteristics of his public life were his predisposition to "compromises" and "pacifications" which generally failed of their object, and his passionate patriotic devotion to the Union.
  • The only inkling of possible underlying principles in this orderly process is that there appears to be in respect to certain characters a potentiality or a predisposition through hereditary kinship to evolve in certain definite directions.
  • 2 (1888); Eriksson & Hennings, Die Getreideroste (vide supra); Ward, "On the Question of Predisposition and Immunity in Plants," Proc. Cambridge Phil.
  • Indeed, the sophists generally had a special predisposition to error of this sort, not only because sophistry was from the beginning a substitute for the pursuit of truth, but also because the successful professor, travelling from city to city, or settling abroad, could take no part in public affairs, and thus was not at every step reminded of the importance of the " material " element of exposition and reasoning.