Sentence Examples

  • The government had an option to purchase the plant of the company under the licences of 1884, but did not exercise it.
  • State-wide prohibition of the sale of intoxicating liquors was voted down in 1887 and a local option law went into effect; in 1907, when there was no licence in 145 (out of 243) counties and licence only in parts of 51 other counties, a law was passed giving local option to parts of cities and towns.
  • The government had option to purchase the company's provincial plant under the licence of 1884.
  • If he threw out every woman he slept with, she'd have to save this option for a last resort, in case he fired her the morning after.
  • Gabriel, if you can't find an option to save me, will you swear to let me live out what I have left in peace?

What's another word for option?

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