Sentence Examples

  • I told you about the loophole, and she won.t like that.
  • You didn't wonder how past-Deidre learned of the loophole that let her become mortal?
  • One thing is certain: the Stoics provided no loophole of escape by entrenching upon the " purely material " nature of matter; they laid down with rigid accuracy its two chief properties - extension in three dimensions, and resistance, both being traced back to force.
  • As an inducement, the Solemn League and Covenant was signed by all Parliamentarian Englishmen, the terms of which were interpreted by the Scots to bind England to submit to Presbyterianism, though the most important clauses had been purposely left vague, so as to afford a loophole of escape.
  • On the smallest of chances she was alive, she would've had to find a loophole to surrender her duty without losing her soul.

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