Sentence Examples

  • Recourse was then had to protective legislation.
  • The result was a great disaster, and Alexander had recourse to the old quibble of the Delphic oracle to Croesus for an explanation.
  • For the first time in his life Charles was now obliged to have recourse to diplomacy; and his pen proved almost as formidable as his sword.
  • If the tax-payer declines to pay his due, he is brought before the proper authorities by the tahsildar; if he persists in his refusal, all his goods, except those indispensable for his dwelling and the pursuit of his trade, are sold by auction, without recourse to a judgment by tribunal.
  • Meanwhile the mathematical mind, with its craving for accurate data on which to found its plans (the most difficult of all to obtain under the conditions of warfare), had been searching for expedients which might serve him to better purpose, and in 1805 he had recourse to the cavalry screen in the hope of such results.