Sentence Examples

  • If so, apologetics is literally a science, and it is pedantry to claim the defensive and pretend to throw the onus probandi upon objectors.
  • The purchase of guaranteed railways owned by foreign companies likewise added largely to the bonded indebtedness, though the onus was in existence in another form.
  • Nunc autem ipso ex hac vita evocato, totius negotii onus doctissimi Briggii humeris incumbere, et Sparta haec ornanda illi sorte quadam obtigisse videtur."
  • It is always, however, a matter of fact for the jury, and the onus of proving the death lies on the party who asserts it.
  • The ustribes were the victors, and it was from them that the astic line sprang; hence the Pharaoh always bore the name onus, and represented in his own hallowed person the ancient 11 deity.

What's another word for onus?

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