Sentence Examples

  • The fallacy that Maltese is a dialect of Arabia has been luminously disproved by A.
  • Paradox, however, soon becomes stale, and fallacy wearisome.
  • In no case is the evidence of the senses fallacious or mendacious; the fallacy is in the inference.
  • In most of the delusive machines commonly called perpetual motions, of which so many are patented in each year, and which are expected by their inventors to perform work without receiving energy, the fundamental fallacy consists in an expectation that some reciprocating force shall restore more energy than it has been the means of storing.
  • Here there is no syllogistic fallacy in the premises; but the question is what syllogistic conclusion can be drawn, and there is only one which follows without an illicit process of the minor, namely, " Some metals are fusible."