Sentence Examples

  • During the winter the calumnies against the queen were revived by Fitzharris,who, however, before his execution in 1681 confessed to their falsity; and after the revival of the king's influence subsequent to the Oxford parliament, the queen's position was no more assailed.
  • But erroneous theories, when they are supported by facts, do little harm, since every one takes a healthy pleasure in proving their falsity " (Darwin).
  • But these indirect benefits were quite independent of the truth or falsity of his theoretical system.
  • The difference between the two theories does not consist in any difference of emphasis on the objective side of knowledge, but in the standard by which the nature of the object is to be tested - the difference is logical not metaphysical - it concerns the definition of truth or falsity in the knowledge of the reality which both admit.
  • Christianity was essentially a proselytizing religion, not content to appeal simply to one class or race of people, and to be one among many faiths, but believing in the falsity or insufficiency of all others and eager to convert the whole world.

What's another word for falsity?

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