Sentence Examples

  • Napoleon on the other hand spoke of her in his will with marked tenderness, and both excused and forgave her infidelity to him.
  • But though Guenevere has changed her lover, the tradition of her infidelity is of much earlier date and formed a part of the primitive Arthurian legend.
  • Wegscheider with infidelity and profanity, and on the ground of these accusations advocated the interposition of the civil power, thus giving rise to the prolonged Hallische Streit.
  • In later ages Elisha (alaer " the other," as he was named) was regarded as the type of a heretic whose pride of intellect betrayed him into infidelity to law and morals.
  • His infidelity to his wife and his harshness towards his son Carlino are blemishes on a splendid career, but he more than expiated these faults by his tragic end.

What's another word for infidelity?

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