Sentence Examples

  • It hurt to think he questioned her fidelity, but at least he was willing to listen to reason.
  • 42), when their chief town Anagnia was taken and reduced to a praefecture, but Ferentinum, Aletrium and Verulae were rewarded for their fidelity by being allowed to remain free inunicipia, a position which at that date they preferred to the civitas.
  • He justly termed his father "the father of the Translators," but Samuel's own method surpassed his father's in lucidity and fidelity to the original.
  • A testimonial to his fidelity written by Henry to the pope on the 8th of November 1460 (Chandler, 346) was written while Henry was in Yorkist hands.
  • Many attempts were made to shake his fidelity to the lost cause of the Stuarts, but he continued indomitable to the end.

What's another word for fidelity?

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