Sentence Examples

  • But the young king was determined to abide by his fathers oath, and had therefore to agree to an Austrian occupation of the territory between the P0, the Ticino and, the Sesia, and of half the citadel of Alessandria, until peace should be concluded, the evacuation of all districts occupied by his troops outside Piedmont, the dissolution of his corps of Lombard, Polish and Hungarian volunteers and the withdrawal of his fleet from the Adriatic.
  • On receiving -the order to return, Pepe, after hesitating for some time between his oath to the king and his desire to fight for Italy, finally resigned his commission and crossed the P0 with a few thousand men, the rest of his force returning south.
  • I wanted to tell you I'll protect Tiyan with my life, not because I swore an oath to you, but because I understand now what it is to have a home to fight for.

What's another word for oath?

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