Sentence Examples

  • The testimony of Assyrian inscriptions relegates him to a far more ancient period.
  • De Beauchesne of the physical martyrdom of the child are not supported by any other testimony, though he was at this time seen by a great number of people.
  • But the details and success of the reforms, when viewed in the light of the testimony of contemporary prophets, are uncertain.
  • The absence of direct testimony can be partially supplied by later events which presuppose the break-up of no inconsiderable state, and imply relations with Samaria which had been by no means so unfriendly as the historians represent.
  • Generally it may be said that throughout his long reign Francis Joseph remained the real ruler of his dominions; he not only kept in his hands the appointment and dismissal of his ministers, but himself directed their policy, and owing to the great knowledge of affairs, the unremitting diligence and clearness of apprehension, to which all who transacted business with him have borne testimony, lie was able to keep a very real control even of the details of government.

What's another word for testimony?

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