Sentence Examples

  • In spite of the disaster of her revelation, a wave of relief passed over me.
  • "You were speeding intentionally," he said with a level of disgust she reserved for the revelation of her sister's ex-boyfriend cheating.
  • He adapted in his own interest the theory (constantly recurrent among mystics and innovators, from the time of Abbot Joachim to the present day) of three dispensations, the old, with its revelation of the Father, 'the newer with its revelation of the Son, and the final or era of the Spirit.
  • Of this newest revelation Christus David was the mouthpiece, supervening on Christus Jesus.
  • In a preface to a later edition she tells us how the novel came to be written, and, though it anticipates events, this revelation of herself may best be given here.

What's another word for revelation?

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