Sentence Examples

  • He is a beneficent and venerable old man of the sea, full of wisdom and skilled in prophecy, but, like Proteus, he will only reveal what he knows under compulsion.
  • The swan played a part in classical mythology as the bird of Apollo, and in Scandinavian lore the swan maidens, who have the gift of prophecy and are sometimes confused with the Valkyries, reappear again and again.
  • Having circulated a prophecy that the son of Apollo was to be born again, he contrived that there should be found in the foundations of the temple to Aesculapius, then in course of construction at Abonouteichos, an egg in which a small live snake had been placed.
  • Kuenen, rophets and Prophecy (1877); E Gautier, La Mission du prophete Ezechiel (1891); Montefiore, Hibbert Lectures (1892); A.
  • M.) The same word is used in the anonymous prophecy incorporated in the book of Zachariah (xii.

What's another word for prophecy?

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