Sentence Examples

  • The national weather forecast on television was calling for light snow in Arkansas.
  • It was colder than usual, with the sun obscured by clouds, portending the accuracy of a forecast of snow.
  • Mick asked about the weather forecast and Fred responded that in Ouray, any prognostication was speculative and definitely regional—for real accuracy, one looked out the window or guessed.
  • "These issues and events," he said in 1656, "have not been forecast, but were providences in things."
  • Burke and Grattan were anxious that provision should be made for the education of Irish Roman Catholic priests at home, to preserve them from the contagion of Jacobinism in France; Wolfe Tone, "with an incomparably juster forecast," as Lecky observes, "advocated the same measure for exactly opposite reasons."

What's another word for forecast?

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