Sentence Examples

  • The national weather forecast on television was calling for light snow in Arkansas.
  • It was colder than usual, with the sun obscured by clouds, portending the accuracy of a forecast of snow.
  • "These issues and events," he said in 1656, "have not been forecast, but were providences in things."
  • Burke and Grattan were anxious that provision should be made for the education of Irish Roman Catholic priests at home, to preserve them from the contagion of Jacobinism in France; Wolfe Tone, "with an incomparably juster forecast," as Lecky observes, "advocated the same measure for exactly opposite reasons."
  • Like Gioberti he advocated a federation of Italian states, but he declared that before this could be achieved Austria must be expelled from Italy and compensation found for her in the Near East by making her a Danubian powera curious forecast that Italys liberation would begin with an eastern war.

What's another word for forecast?

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