Sentence Examples

  • 2, so as to form a continuous section, it is necessary to reckon the inclination of the strata, which is i in 8; and as FIG.
  • It was about 200,000 according to Chrysostom, who probably did not reckon slaves.
  • The Mongolian peoples not only count their lunar months by these signs, but they reckon the successive days by them, rat-day, bull-day, tiger-day, &c., and also, by combining the twelve signs in rotation with the elements, they obtain a means of marking each year in the sixty-year cycle, as the woodrat year, the fire-tiger year, &c. This method is highly artificial, and the reappearance of its principle in the Mexican and Central American calendar is suggestive of importation from Asia.
  • Some writers reckon Alexander V.
  • P. 462 seq.), and reckon Joel among the post-exile prophets.

What's another word for reckon?

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